Individual therapy allows a person to work through aspects of their lives that they experience as challenging and to also process events that are experienced to be traumatic.  Therapy can help a person work through many aspects of life, including

  • Enhancing our relationships
  • Developing greater awareness of themselves
  • Overcoming feelings of depression or anxiety
  • Working through traumatic experiences
  • Preparing for and accepting life transitions (e.g. a new job, marriage, a child, divorce)
  • Identifying academic or professional goals
  • Processing aging and/or new medical diagnoses
  • Grieving the loss of a loved one. 

Individual therapy provides a space for individuals to think through and understand struggles in their lives. With insight into the reasons for behaviors, comes the capacity to change behaviors and broaden the choices that a person makes.


We offer short- and long-term individual therapy as well as different modalities of treatment ranging from traditional talk therapy to behavioral approaches.  Come in for an intake to discuss the therapy process and how it may help address your current concerns.